Thalia Agroti


Thalia Agroti

Platinwald is about being lost - about not knowing where one belongs in both a topological and existential sense. The struggle of simply being human can often become overwhelming, either from the forces of external situations or from the pressures of societal structures. The work endeavours to promote an alternative to the escapism most often achieved within virtual systems. Instead, through an immersive and playful environment, the work grounds its audience within a physical existing reality.

The soft sculptures can be thought of as entities of an indefinite nature, with their boundaries continuously being re-defined by human touch. While tracing the terrain of materials inspired by aerial views of streams, an intimate sensory experience unravels into a cognitive feedback loop, formed by touching and hearing. Much like wandering lost in thought through a forest, echoes of the vastness of nature reflect the process of interaction at it’s most exploratory, whether fuelled by instinct or simply curiosity.

The work is made up of a wooly fabric embroidered with conductive thread. The conductive materials are connected to a TouchBoard micro controller from which the sounds are then programmed and mapped to various locations across the fabric.

Thalia Agroti is a Greek-Cypriot multidisciplinary artist currently based in London. While her work mainly revolves around experimental sound creation, she is currently interested in exploring more immersive sonic environments that can be manipulated in a more tactile and material sense.

Thalia is interested in understanding emotions, both in a cognitive and intuitive sense as well as challenging and evoking them through her work. She is also researching themes such as the human-machine relationship, control vs improvisation and chaos vs calm.

Thalia’s work has fluctuated between various mediums ranging from photography, film, web design, audio-visual installations and coding. With a passion for hardware, she is mostly involved in circuit bending toy instruments as well as building unconventional synths. Her sound work often contains a noisy flare and electronic beats with space-like tendencies usually deriving from freeform improvisations. More recently, she is shifting gears by working with ambient elements and carefully crafted productions.

Thalia has collaborated with Cypriot and London based sonic artists. She has released a tape compilation through the label Musica Dispersa and has exhibited audio-visual installations in both London and Cyprus.

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