Philip Liu


Philip Liu

Inaudible/Invisible is an ongoing series of audiovisual installations.


Quantum theory states that matter in the universe consists of a simultaneous duality between particles and waves. Existing at the subatomic level, this duality presents unheard and unseen beauties beyond our human senses.

Dimensions is an audiovisual work using 2D samples translated from the 3D field produced by alpha radiation. Alpha radiation, produced when an unstable atomic nucleus emits a stable alpha particle, forms a certain shape around its emitter. By deploying a set of detectors, the artist is able to recreate this shape into a computer model as a 2D plane. The plane is treated like a percussive metal plate which allows the sound to be synthesized through a technique called physical modelling in the moment that an alpha particle collides with a detector. The sound produced is akin to the sound the shape would make were it a drum struck at the position the particle collides with the shape.

6-bit rays

Muons are subatomic particles and they everywhere around us, unseen and unheard. 6-bit Rays is an audiovisual installation that detects Muons and other particles using an array of Geiger Counters, represents the particles as sound and light. Each Geiger tube is treated as a binary digit of information, a digital ‘0’ or ‘1’. If no particle is detected it represents a 0 and becomes a 1 if a particle is detected. Using 6 Geiger Counters, a 6-bit file system can be computed.

If two or more geiger tubes detect a particle at the same time it means muon has arrived. The file system then saves the 6-bit information and then it starts to accept new information. From this saved information, the tone and timbre of the sound is synthesized. It means that this system produces sound and light using history of the particles passing through, revealing a hidden world just beyond our own.

Philip Liu is a multidisciplinary artist from the United States/South Korea. Currently based in the UK, his work moves between the fields of music technology, electroacoustic composition and visual art.

Philip works across various formats including, audiovisual, sonic art, installations, sheet music and improvisation. Two of the main concepts that form the core of his work are mathematical aesthetics and virtuality, and as a result of this, computation is heavily involved in most of his pieces. These core concepts often lead to explorations with various materials and technologies with the aim to blur out the border between the virtual world and the physical world.

Philip has performed and exhibited his work across many countries; UK, Netherlands, United States, Japan and South Korea.

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