Miduo Gao

What the Tree Sees

Miduo Gao

This piece explores how human activities have changed the balance of the world. With Global Warming as a focus What the Tree Sees emphasises and challenges the anthropocene.

A virtual earth affected by global warming is surrounded by multiple sculptures. These sculptures made with both manmade and natural materials, represent individual buildings which combine to symbolise the form of tree trunk. This tree is a witness to current human activities which have jeopardised nature. By peering into the depths of these distorted buildings the viewer is able to see the effected earth that they sit on.

What the Tree Sees is a comment on how human activities have influenced nature and how those activities are the main reason for many of our global environmental issues.

Miduo Gao is a visual artist and illustrator from China. Currently she is investigating possible connections between art and technology.

In her art practice she likes to combine her daily life experiences with her imagination. Her recent works focus on her concerns about the natural environment which is constantly being modified and affected by urbanisation and climate change. For Miduo using a combination of technology and art allows her to explore her conceptual concerns at a deeper level. She aims to create artworks that generate public awareness about environmental issues.

Alongside her career as a practicing artist, Miduo has worked as an illustrator for several different companies across China.

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