Mehrbano Khattak


Mehrbano Khattak

Entanglement is an interactive floor projection inspired by the following passage:

Dusk ... is just an illusion, because the sun is either above the horizon or below it. And that means that day and night are linked in a way that few things are; there cannot be one without the other, yet they cannot exist at the same time. How would it feel ... to be always together, yet forever apart?


Night and day cannot exist without the other, yet they cannot be together at the same time. This romantic thought was the stimuli for the aspirations of this piece.

Mehrbano Khattak is a visual artist and art & design educator based in Pakistan. Receiving her B.Des in Visual Communication from National College of Arts, Lahore she is currently exploring creative coding to enhance her interactive art and physical computing perspective.

In the nearly thirteen years that Mehrbano has been an art & design educator she has developed an innovative and diverse teaching technique. Always aiming to be supportive and stimulating in order to enhance the abilities of her pupils. Mehrbano’s artistic career has spanned seventeen years, within which she has published twenty of her graphic design projects at a national level and has exhibited her artwork in eighteen national and international forums for visual artists.

Her work is inspired by the minimalist school of thought and she enjoys playing with the negative and positive spaces, exploring various mediums and patterns. She is interested in finding ways to evoke the viewer's artistic side through her artwork.

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