Luis Rubim


Luis Rubim

CH4RL13 is a play on play, mimicry and transhumanism, reflecting our dependency on technology as well as technology's role in de-personalising the user.

CH4RL13 intends to disembody the user allowing them to transcend the human. The piece explores questions of identity in a technological world, absorbing the user into the device. CH4RL13’s connection to a user via wire(s) is symbolic of a umbilical cord and addresses current thoughts surrounding our dependency on technology. We become technology and technology becomes us.

CH4RL13 has an FPV transmitter and hat allowing it to interact with the world in the present moving in sync with its user and tweeting photos of what it sees.

CH4RL13 is also made out of ordinary found materials alluding to the transience and transference of being into common objects.

Luis is a photographer, cartoonist and teacher based in London, who is currently exploring code to create engaging, interactive art and physical objects, exploring play and mimicry. He usually describes himself as a serial tinkerer and obsessive compulsive collector of cameras.

For the past eighteen years Luis’ photographic work has demonstrated an interest in stories of a humanistic character, exploring the synchronicity and serendipity of day to day life. He has also enjoyed experimenting with using sound, illustration and video. Luis' interests in computational arts lie in exploring play as a journey of both discovery and self-discovery. Play has had an important role in humanity, in technological progress and Luis implements this philosophy at various levels in his work.

Luis has had photographic works published as a press photographer, through various media channels and publications. Currently, Luis is focused on personal work of a more documentary/street character, taking an observers look at society and our human condition.


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