Jayson Haebich

Data Crystallisation

Jayson Haebich

Inspired by J G Ballard's book "The Crystal World" this piece presents artefacts from a speculative future in which data and information have become so dense that it has begun a process of Crystallisation. This process of quantification and digitisation of information is leading to a future in which our every word, action and thought generate endless amounts of data and metadata. In the same way that Ballard's book describes crystals taking over a remote corner of the jungle, I am discussing a possible future in which crystals have crossed the digital/physical divide and emerged from data centres, hard drives, routers and other data rich media. These crystalline forms create their own new forms of information generated through the algorithmic, emergent behaviour of crystal growth.

The installation consists of various artefacts from this crystallisation event, archaeological relics from a speculative future showing the consequences of the endless digitisation of our lives and the acceleration of the Anthropocene. These artefacts show different pieces of technology which became so dense with information that a point of supersaturation occurred and physical crystals began to form from the silicon based digital data that they contained. Becoming a kind of silicon based life form that shows a crystal based emergent algorithm growing from supersaturated data as a type of cellular automata system occurring both on physical media and through the transmission of wifi signals. The process of crystallisation has been continuing since deep time and what began with the coalescing of atoms and molecules and continues today within the digital and ontological structures of our world.

Jayson is an artist and programmer based in London who uses technology to create installation-based works that speculate on the present and future forms of technology.

Jayson is interested in variantological and speculative futures of technology. His works spans a range of media including light installations, web-based works, visualisations and interactive installation pieces. He has presented his work across Australia, Europe and North America and collaborates with a wide range of designers, musicians, artists and arts groups.


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