Jade Hall-Smith

Jade Hall-Smith

Jade Hall-Smith is a computational and digital artist based in London. She is interested in assistive and rehabilitative technology for people with disabilities. In particular, technology for people who have autism and how it can help them communicate.

Previously, Jade studied in graphic design and 3D modelling. She uses these skills heavily in her current work by creating 2D sketches and bringing them to life through 3D software and printing. She also enjoys working with physical computing, combining her knowledge of electronics and coding to create accessible hardware for people with disabilities.

Much of Jade’s previous work has involved creating technology for children on the autistic spectrum. One example would be ‘Twinkle-wear’, a shirt created to detect anxiety. The wearable technology incorporated into the shirts design monitors the user's pulse rate and can recognise an increase, which indicates a state of anxiety. When the user’s pulse rate rises above a specific level, lights on the shirt spin faster, indicating to a parent/carer that the user is feeling anxious.

Jade hopes to further explore how technology can aid individuals with autism and to create other projects around atypical and neurotypical people.


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