Howard Melnyczuk


Howard Melnyczuk

When Walter Benjamin undertook his analysis of mechanical reproduction, that mode was in its infancy. Today, rapidly proliferating implementations of artificial intelligence and data analytics are forming a pincer of automation that is drastically altering the fabric of our culture. The focus has shifted: human users increasingly produce data, rather than meaning. Intelligent Big Data systems now have the agency to determine what is seen, read, heard and felt.

Rrosetta is an intelligent system that uses personal data to create art. With her own aesthetic sensibility and her own methods for prioritising content, Rrosetta crafts bespoke self-published zines. When commissioned to do so by a consenting user, Rrosetta creates a publication tailored to, and inspired by, that user’s personal emails. The output is a unique work of art, free to own by the commissioning user, in keeping with the terms and conditions agreement.

Howard Melnyczuk is an artist investigating contemporary culture through critical theory, art practice and research. His practice explores technology as a site in which contemporary political structures are both built and maintained. His work reveal alternative forms of understanding, problematise cultural norms surrounding technology, and unpack the false assumptions that re-enforce hidden operations of power and control.

Howard's work combines video, photography, design, sound, writing and publishing with computational technologies and code. By combining different media formats, he brings out the commonalities in form and structure that provide an understanding of how cultural materials operate.

Howard is now interested in how the creation, archiving and implementations of data structures are creating alternative realities. Previous works explore the digitisation of celluloid film, and the vast unknowable continent of Antarctica via satellite imagery.

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