Georgios GreeKalogerakis

Could be me, could be you!

Georgios GreeKalogerakis

Antisemitism is again on the rise in Europe, almost a Century after Auschwitz. Modern Antisemitism is still expressed as prejudice, suspicion and violence.

Nowhere in Europe is this a more worrying reality than in Greece. Recent international studies have show tremendous 69% of the population express some antisemitism inclination, while the average percentage in Western Europe is around 24% and respectively in Eastern Europe around 34%.

In 1939, the Greek Jewish population was 73,000. In 1945 it was 8,000.

Could Be Me, Could Be You! is a project that realises numbers are key to the understanding of historical and contemporary antisemitism. Through books, language, religion and tradition the Jewish people have survived, protecting their existence. Jewish numerology is an important part of Jewish religion where specific numbers have a special meaning. The artist uses numbers to communicate with the Hebrew books from which the sculpture is made. The installation shares the story of a Jewish family, (a “father”, a “mother” and their young “daughter”) through sounds, stainless steel and lighting.

Using an Arduino with sound shields, PIR sensors to detect motion, sound vibrators channelled through the stainless steel and relay to control 220V lighting, the work mixes flat stainless steel sheets, stainless steel cutlery and stainless steel silk with found objects to create interactive sculptures which reveals itself only when the audience is present.

The number of the books, screws, and cables I have used, as well as the intervals of light and sound are all based on Jewish numerology.

Georgios GreeKalogerakis was born in Thessaloniki Greece in 1978. He studied construction techniques, with a specialisation in metal construction, and worked in the iron-building industry for a decade before embarking on a BA degree in Mixed Arts at the University of Westminster.

Georgios’ previous works include the undeniably impressive ‘S’ project (Stainless Steel Sound Sculptures), which was followed by the ‘LCLE-S’ project (Laser Cut and Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Sculptures), as well a number of digital prints on stainless steel. Motivated by two-dimensional life stories of glory and mythology represented in both Greek pottery and on the Parthenon’s pediments, he laser engraved and digitally printed onto stainless steels sheets. Through such processes, he create his own contemporary stories, examines issues relating to religion, art, gender, life and death, whilst always blending the imaginative into the real binary world.

Georgios had his first solo show in 2006. He has taken part in group shows and art fairs in London, Greece and the US. He lives in UK, working in his designing studio based in London and his workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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