Baptism is a performance that explores shamanic practices of rituals, divination and healing. It shows a digital interpretation of the shamanic process of contacting a spiritual world while in an altered state of consciousness. Staged in a spiritual dimension and with a focus on the practice of exorcism, Baptism represents three different stages of the Shaman’s journey through ecstasy/trance, travelling and healing.

The first stage depicts the process of entering into a trance like state in order to reach the other world. The Shaman must be careful, if he lose control, he risks losing his soul. The second stage represents travel. Whilst still in a deep trance the Shaman must journey to meet the “Mother of the Sea”, Angakkoqs and her spirit helpers. They are the only spirits who can approach the Shaman during his ritual. The third stage symbolises the exchange of the soul within the patient that exorcises the demon.

Wearable technologies assist the performers in embodying the idea of transformation. High voltage, dimmable LED’s are controlled with IMU data (Acc, Gyro and Magnetometer) collected from the performers movements. Ascendant bodily language is used to dominate beams of lights and a feedback loop between the physical world and the spiritual world is created using DMX (protocol) and a Kinect (Xbox). These techniques, combined, create an immersive depiction of a new age ritual.

The aesthetics and scenography of Baptism are outlandish, grotesque and vaporwave, creating a feeling of synesthesia within performers and spectators.

Friendred is an installation and visual artist currently based in London. In early 2012 he started creating abstract visual images, most of which followed themes of sexuality, exploring humanity and dematerialized existence. Inspired by pop culture and the Vaporwave aesthetic, Friendred has formed his own striking artistic style, traversing spectrums that are at once grotesque, counterintuitive and deeply affective.

Friendred believes that art is sanctioned pornography. Since 2015, he has worked combining his visual sensibility with sound in installation settings. His work is now focused on a dialogue between spatiotemporal substances, sex and theology. He is trying to construct an outlandish dialogue between interoperated systems, surrealism and digitalised environments. He wants his audience to be baptised into his world when experiencing his art.

Friendred’s aim is to break down the boundaries of pragmatic space and explore immersive forms of observation. He is keen to collaborate with pioneering artists who are working across other disciplines.


overlaps with
  • Thalia Agroti
  • Eleni Alexandri
  • Arturas Bondarciukas
  • Friendred
  • Amy Cartwright
  • Charlotte Dann
  • Laura Dekker
  • Diane Edwards
  • Saskia Freeke
  • Miduo Gao
  • Jakob Glock
  • Georgios GreeKalogerakis
  • Jayson Haebich
  • Freddie Hong
  • Ewa Justka
  • Natthakit Kangsadansenanon
  • Mehrbano Khattak
  • Philip Liu
  • Alix Martínez Martínez
  • Howard Melnyczuk
  • Nadia Rahat
  • Julianne Rahimi
  • Sabrina Recoules-Quang
  • Luis Rubim
  • Yeoul Son
  • Andrew Thompson