Freddie Hong


Freddie Hong

Surface is a machine that like other CNC devices, such as routers and 3d printers, allows the users to construct different geometries. However, differing from already existing CNC devices Surface is run by your intuition rather than pre-drawn digital geometries, challenging the ambiguous boundary between analog and digital.

With Surface, users can produce different geometries using various controllers. Surface uses hot wire and styrofoam blocks to construct the shape in a subtractive method. Users can witness and make alterations to their shape as the cutting happens, and unlike other conventional digital fabrication, what has been cut cannot be repeated perfectly. Only through mastering the technique can the user repetitively produce accurate modelings.

As the cutting happens, the computer records the commands/motions of the user and produces notations that appear similar to musical scores. By studying the notation, users can attempt to create the same geometry or even improve the shape.

This work aims to introduce people to the joy of making shapes in a manner that does not require the users to have skills or even understand digital modelling.

Freddie is an architecture and programming student based in London.

He completed a Bachelor in Architecture from the Bartlett School of Architecture with his final project involving transforming human memory into architectural geometry. Freddie’s recent thesis on ‘Computational Design in Architecture’ shows his interests in ‘the other ways of designing’ where he explores the methods of involving human bodies and other qualitative matters of the environment in design of the space.

Freddie’s work has been featured in Fastco Design and he won the UCL Making Building Prize (2016). In 2015 he worked for Korean/Japanese practice, ‘Itami Jun’ as an Architecture Assistant and will be joining Italian practice, ‘Carlo Ratti Associati’ in July. He has collaborated with many artists, helping to construct the kinetic aspects of their sculptures and has had his own work featured in a number of international articles.

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