Eleni Alexandri


Eleni Alexandri

Glocky is an installation which presents various elements gathered from the city of London; these elements are represented as parts of psychographic maps and notes. More specifically, the included elements are related to the “sense” of the city and demonstrate locations, colours, sounds and generally anything that is related to a personal experience of the city by its inhabitants or visitors. This information has been curated from responses to the distribution of a questionnaire.

Glocky draws direct influence from archival art and the situationist movement. The main objective is to create an interactive space of nonlinear narrations where the audience receives a new interpretation of London through the experience of others. The title of the piece is related to this aggregation. It is a hack of the words glocal/glocalization, and has been used to describe the new state of globalization under locality filters. However, in this piece, the word represents and symbolises an in-between point of the dipole self and Others.

This installation uses conductive paint with a touch board that allows the user to interact with audio-visual materials managed by OpenFrameworks(C++).

Eleni Alexandri is a visual artist from Greece. Her investigation focuses on the concept of the archive and archival art; their interrelation and their characteristics.

Eleni is also interested in daily life and triteness and how the relationship between the two contributes to the way we communicate with each other. Her work consists of various means of expression such as painting, drawings, sculpture, video, sound, photography, performance and installation. Recently, Eleni started exploring new technologies, especially related to interactivity and virtual networking. She believes that these new technologies can contribute to a new formation of communication and social interaction.

Eleni holds a five-year degree in Fine Arts from the University of Western Macedonia based in Florina, Greece.


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