Diane Edwards

Messy Logics

Diane Edwards

Human bodies swarm with a multitude of putatively alien others

(Shildrick, 2016)

We are not alone and have never been throughout our evolutionary becoming. Our fleshy cumbersome forms are Kin[1] to a lively throng of “alien others”—microorganisms—the majority residing in the gut. We exist through a mutualistic entanglement with our endosymbionts, sharing essential resources and gaining added metabolic abilities.

We arrive at a decentralised non-anthropocentric consideration of the body, where life is executed by chemical codes through an inner messy logic. Living matter is activated within a complex open system where mutualistic and synergistic relations occur in an ever-ongoing force of becoming.

Scientists engage in a multitude of material and computational practices to tell stories of living matter. Creepy artifacts are created as new knowledge makers, elucidating the intangible, allowing for new ways of seeing. I wish to engage with the practices of Science, unravelling conceptual narratives to arrive at unexpected and surprising points of discovery, where the factual, fictional and fabulated are vital.

Diane Edwards is a Scottish interdisciplinary artist and researcher, her work takes the form of an enquiry into digital technologies, technoscience, bioscience and new materialism. Most recently she has focused on the human microbiome, digital/organic ontologies and questions of more-than-human life.

Through a research-based practice Diane engages with current scientific and technological developments and affects, her main points of interest being the material practices within technoculture and contemporary computational methods involved in deciphering living matter.

Diane gained a Bachelors of Fine Art(Painting) at Edinburgh College Art in 2009, and has exhibited in various shows throughout the UK. In addition to her art practice she has worked as a freelance live video artist performing alongside record producers and DJs including Jeff Mills, Nathan Fake, Blawan and Optimo.

Diane’s research feeds into her curatorial practice having produced a number of exhibitions in Glasgow and London. She is also a key member of Gossamer Fog Gallery, London which focuses on the intersection between art and technology.


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