Amy Cartwright

Amy Cartwright

Amy Cartwright is a London based dance performer, choreographer and coder. Creating computational choreographies that use technology within live performance.

Amy is interested in questioning the inherent humanity involved in dance performance and researching how computational processes, particularly artificial intelligence, can be used with live dance performance. Exploring possibilities around wearable technologies, non-human performers and computational choreography.

Amy has performed with such esteemed dance practitioners as Seke Chimutengwende, Suse Tietjen, Ceyda Tanc Dance, Rachel Erdos, Jack Webb, Bill Robins, and Bahar Fattahi on various performance projects and commissions around London and the UK. She has performed at Chisenhale, The Place, O2 Indigo Arena, Brighton and Exeter Fringe Festival, OutNow! Festival in Bremen, and Trinity Laban respectively.

Amy has also worked as a freelance choreographer, creating professional works for various festivals and being mentored by Kingston University and the BalletBoyz for her work ‘Quandum’ (2014).

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