Alix Martínez Martínez


Alix Martínez Martínez

We are our memories. And our feelings, and our plans for the future. Those who are not here anymore, only exist in our memories, and in our hearts. The past only exists through documentation, imagination, recreation, evocation and recollection of impressions. History is the sum of individual and collective memories and their commemoration.

Me|more|y is an autobiographical piece and an exploration into the vast field of memory. Based on personal experiences of close relatives with dementia. On the personal difficulty to remember people, events and places. A continuous state of frustration to retrieve information.

How differently do we encode, store and retrieve memories in the digital era? Memories are fluid, translucent reminiscences. Sometimes sharp and clear, but most of the time hidden or covered by a blurry mist.

Me|more|y is an interactive installation made of several pieces. Digital and physical symbolic representations of unrelated memories without any proposed narrative. The work echoes insights from one hundred and six responses to a proposed survey during the research phase.

The first piece is an interactive screen-wall consistent of several monitors. It displays different aspects of the memory using as its source a total of 16.758 digital photographies. The second component, titled Ergo Sum, started two years ago. It is an allegorical representation of all the people the artist met and remembers in her life. The process reveals itself to be just as important as the outcome in the whole work.

Me|more|y uses a variety of technologies and languages. The main languages and frameworks are Processing, Python and d3.js. With several techniques used such as: face detection, clustering images with t-SNE... All the physical computing is handled by Raspberry Pi computers.

This project is dedicated to my grandparents. To Maruja, who lost her memory and lived in a limbo state for almost ten years. As her father before, as her sisters later on. To Dionisio, who accompanied her in all those years until he decided to end their travel at the sunset of their lives.

Alix Martínez Martínez is a Galician (Spain) artist based in London.

Alix M. studied FA in Salamanca-Spain (Graphic Design and Visual Communication). She continued her education in Germany at the Georg Ohm Fachhochschule Nürnberg. Afterwards at Scuola Politecnica di Design school in Milan. Alix has worked in the design industry for the last 16 years designing product and services. She works with companies to bring innovation through digital design but with a Human-Centered approach. As an artist, the starting point for her works often comes from her own personal experiences. Alix reflects on universal emotions and the relationship between humans with technology. In order to help her express her view of the world, she has worked through the years, with varied materials and tools. These include watercolour, acrylic, photography or creative coding.

Currently she combines her work as a Visual Design Lead at Fjord with her artistic practice.

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